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Medicare Part D open enrollment appointments (with SHIIP counselors) may be scheduled by contacting Karen at (910) 754-4468. Open enrollment ends December 7th.

Pledge Donation

Another option for donating to fund BSRI programs is the alternative of one-time or monthly pledges. One such cause is the "Sunday Lunch Pledge" which provides a lunch meal on Sundays to Seniors and Veterans. A one time donation or a committment of $25 per month to the Nutrition Program will help provide this weekend meal option to those in need.

Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc.

Make your Pledge today to help BSRI provide Sunday Lunch to Seniors and Veterans who are 60 years of age and older and do not have the means to prepare their own meals. Your pledge of $25 / month to the Senior Nutrition Program will help provide four (4) Sunday Lunches for Seniors and Senior Veterans living in communities throughout Brunswick County. Call or visit us online and together we will help put an end to Senior Hunger.

Online Pledge / call us @ 910-754-2300 or Click on the Donate Button below.

NOTE: Monthly committments are not available for automatic billing at this time.
Please notify Debra Marlowe if you desire monthly email pledge reminders.

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